useful  information in sea kayaking:


comprehensive tutorial


Forecast weather,  wind,  sea (windy)




special techniques:


Self rescue:


assisted rescue:


VHF emergency call (UK sea kayak guidebook: pdf


Practical aspects:


Tide Charts


Revier Info:


Paddle signals & VHF emergency calls

  •, 2021, Signale beim Kanufahren (PDF)



external videos about sea kayaking

  • Kayaking (Misool) Raja Ampat (Video by Tuuli Meriläinen & Nicklas Millegård)


historical movies

  • Nanook of the North (Flaherty, 1922): Video
  • How to fit FIVE people in a ONE MAN KAYAK [Inuit Style]: Video
  • Kayak rolling in east Greenland 1930: Video

White water