useful  information in sea kayaking:


comprehensive tutorial

Kayak Paddling Net (with animation)

Playlist Gordon Brown  Videos


Forecast weather,  wind,  sea (windy)



low brace 

high brace

low / high brace (real conditions, ..


special techniques:

Surf Technique

Videos: launch through surf zonesbasic surf movesWave skills



Self rescue:

Paddle Float (cramble, heel hook, reenter&roll) ; Release Line Paddle Float

Various (Cowgirl-entry, Balancepoint Method, High Brace, Re-entry and Roll, Sweep Roll),

Reenter & Roll, Paddlefloat Reenter & Roll 

The ladder, The scramble, The ladder (real conditions), Sottocosta


assisted rescue:

Heel hook, Heel hook 2

30 second kayak rescue

Sea Kayak X Rescue

T rescue (Sottocosta)


Practical aspects:

How to load a sea kayak



external videos about sea kayaking

Kayaking (Misool) Raja Ampat (Video by Tuuli Meriläinen & Nicklas Millegård)